Trade Brochure

Dear Exhibitors,

We promote this conference with a GO GREEN initiative and as a Paperless Conference.

We have come up with a very unique experience for all the Exhibitors who participate in our conference. With a Go GREEN initiative, as an Exhibitor Participant you will be given an Login based Mobile application with the help of which you can Scan the Delegates information whom so ever comes to visit your stall and can get all the information of the Registered delegates Digitally into your app any time.

So no need to note the visitors information manually, just scan Name Tag of the visitor with App QR scanner and that's all, you will have all the information of that visitors on your app it self.

Along with the delegates information you can access many other information related to the conference.

We look forward for your participation in this Conference.

Thank You.

IASSACON 2022 Chairman